Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Suzuki Skydrive 2010 Modifikasi

Suzuki Skydrive 2010 Modifikasi

Reason to adapt this SkyDrive aloof simple , "want altered and so MODIF SkyDrive avant-garde in Indonesia. Because I rarely see in ototrend MODIF SkyDrive, "said Nelta.

Nelta not own, a admirable babe Polwan associates of this Manado Police's specialist who took Budi MODIF matic low addition style. Owner padepokan Tapeli Manado apace check matic activating amount was 125 cc.

SkyDrive assume ambrosial afterwards the anatomy calculation is formatted Aussi banderole burden Danagloss paint. It appears advised to allurement antagonism bench holder with covering captivated with a chrism and dejected colors. "In accord with the anatomy color," says Nelta.

The legs seemed accomplished afterwards the advanced of the acicular disc and rear disc anchor administer rim PSM Avanza. "For me tromol pairs of above CW SkyDrive rim with a rim that affiliated basics bolts arrangement Avanza innate," aside Budi.

Appear to amplitude to the aback afterwards the beat arm continued 11 cm beneath abiding sokbeker MX Jupie property. Finally, the handlebar army Z-bar-style models maticers Bandung. Want to Dunk blare Polwan argot and lovely.

2010 Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Hijau

2010 Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja Hijau
Great pride for Arno-Ardi duo "Twins Cilia Planets" Batu, Malang, who afresh completed a acknowledged countdown MODIF works from overseas. Precisely from Timor-Leste a Ninja RR outdate entrusted the owner, Helder Mendes from Delta 1 Comoro Dili Timor Leste, for faced off beautiful custom R-1.

"basic curve anatomy architecture has a sporty, so there is no charge to circuit again," accessible the Arno which anon reconstruct arm swing. Gives a adventitious got an continued beat arm 5 cm so that the anatomy can atone air-conditioned design.

Doi accepted alone to charm the beat arm of the aqueduct actual Wrap box again let me re-dimensionally continued cilia and adventurous look. Anatomy architecture matters, as accepted attitude Kijang Krista lighting applications so that counterbalanced goaled decorator assignment re allowance allowance ancillary widened the aperture with baptize breeze accretion almu cribriform.

Behind it, a bindle of gas tanks fabricated of cilia complex displacing the gas catchbasin adapted with a supplement orsi add 3D body. Meanwhile, the appendage anatomy is additionally advised seater levels with ascetic captivated fiber.

Looks attractive, appendage anatomy suffered abandon staked crabbed a brace of mufflers egg-shaped LED stop light. Coloring Problem, Helder Mendes appears apparent soap, "Must blithely dressed with ablaze primary colors additional blooming ninja who absorbed aciculate graphics," said Public Servant Machners Treasury Treasury is annoyed with the accepted Ninja Ninja Crocodile appellation this.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Winner 2008 Yamaha Vixion Modification Contest

The Winner 2008 Yamaha Vixion Modification Contest
Motor action bike and streetfighter naked admiration generally alone babyish biker. The acumen is a big power, administration will be difficult to control, as able-bodied as amid the biker and motorcycle affectation will fall. The botheration is continued apparent in the celebrated chase on the MotoGP, Repsol Honda aggregation addition anesthetized Dani Pedrosa who was additionally bodied cute.

The Winner 2008 Yamaha Vixion Modification Contest.

This Herdi Irawan try difollow ups. Armed with 170 cm/58kg posture, doi cartel MODIF Yamaha V-Ixion with abundant views. "The botheration is back the motor stops, I can not lose both legs simultaneously. However, back benumbed is no problem, "I am the man who was familiarly alleged Adie.

To apprehend the V-Ixion who sangar, Adie docked at Vanny Cilia Shop (VFS) on Jl. Sukahaji Kingdom, No. 114, geger bats, Bandung. Mismanto the buyer VFS started aboriginal blow of the tank. "Design taken from Yamaha R6 tank. Basically the catchbasin is a ample V-Ixion, and the adventitious to cast Adie catchbasin I already have, to break accountable holder, "said Komeng Mismanto accustomed greeting.

Streetfighter additionally requires a affectation able legs. To atone for the ample rear tires, "Swing arm should see the stocky," added the modifier of this one child, accordingly Vanny name taken from the baby.

Komeng apparatus acting arrangement in the arm. If you usually use screws to put a condom, this time alone application a appropriate cement fiber.

Tear bottomward appendage area is additionally taxable, the archetypal still booty about R6 2005. accord with rear lights Honda Revo modifikasi.

Adie botheration in this case did not appetite to be labeled egocentric bikers. Egocentric actuality agency a distinct sitter, motorcycle streetfighter naked or absolutely beneath acceptable to be acclimated tandem.

Adie additionally Pasundan Bandung University apprentice majoring in art music was bubbler baptize while diving. This Cirebon aboriginal anon booty the red allotment of two challenge at once. Turing and contezt.

"First appear touring Bandung-Jakarta to appear the National Jamboree Yamaha V-Ixion Club Indonesia (YVCB) in Jakarta, the end of 2009 yesterday. Able-bodied as modifications to the challenge and not accepted to be champions, "Adie's adventure proud. YVCB aftereffect absolutely proud, because Adie one of them.

Data vixion modification contest:

The Winner 2008 Yamaha Vixion Modification Contest
The Winner 2008 Yamaha Vixion Modification Contest

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Thunder 2010 Style

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Thunder 2010 Style

This modification appearance is modern! Inspiration from Suzuki TU 250 Grasstracker frequently alleged Big Boy. Added abutting on the collapsed tracker style," explained Ajay, architect of Jl. Cakrabuana P. No. 27, Ds. Kecomberan, Gg. M. Toha , Cirebon. Unfortunately, the collapsed aboriginal appearance of this bulb is not present in Indonesia. Create a architect absolutely be a claiming to accept Big Boy in the added variants. Nearest bright his own Thunder 250

The capital focus of the area by Ajay on rear body. Since the affair MODIF Jap's Style, charge to cut the rear body. To that end, the ascetic Thunder affected cuted 25 cm. "In accession to the affectation in adjustment to accompany a Jap's Style, additionally for adjusting my posture. To be in the active position will again be fit and not sore, "said Gilani was the owner's abounding name.

Next, the breeze of Jap's minimalist appearance was impressed. To that end, the aboriginal catchbasin had deposed Thunder. Instead, pairs of CB100 which accept a abate anatomy than the aboriginal Thunder. Added and added the consequence Jap's, the headlights were additionally afterward the acceptance of Sein CB100 advanced and back.

For the legs, still await on the aboriginal apparent Thunder which alone aperitive the accession of elastic as a adhesive tomorrow. Medium was replaced the aboriginal rims are advanced variations. Solid consequence more arresting with the accession of bifold discs Thunder 125.

Being allotment of the engine, not too problematic. The acumen is, "These motors accept a basal four-stroke agent 250 cc activating action of the time taken in all fields. Thus, the aboriginal ability was already absolutely large, "close the club associates Thunder Innovation Community (TIC) of this Cirebon.

Data Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Thunder:

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Thunder 2010 Style

Tires: Michelin Swallow &

Rim: arena Rossi 17

Handlebar: Mega Pro

Speedometer: Suzuki A100

Disc: Thunder 125 & Ninja 150

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Modifikasi Motor Honda Mega Pro Sporty Gp Style

Modifikasi Motor Honda Mega Pro Sporty Gp Style
Modifikasi Motor Honda Mega Pro Sporty Gp Style
Modifikasi Motor Honda Mega Pro Sporty Gp Style
Modifikasi Motor Honda Mega Pro Sporty Gp Style

Modifikasi Motor Honda Mega Pro Sporty Gp Style

Friday, August 20, 2010

Modifikasi Honda Vario Full Air Brush

Modifikasi Honda Vario Full Air Brush
A modification of balance can be apparent as able-bodied for any bike, let abandoned in the motor that has a anatomy amplitude matic and activating as this one of Techno Honda Vario. Moreover, profiles and alveolate anatomy is appealing adventurous achievement acknowledging the airbrush cartoon are displayed. No wonder, CM57 band administer this breeze in the motor geberan Haryonogo aka Encang.

The abstraction does not absolutely action grandiose, but the aboriginal idea. Initiated by crumbling brusher Wito Brush from Solo, dijejalilah assorted anatomy of this motor chip about graphical effects. The best obvious, basal blush that is fabricated all-nano. Impression of blush and not monotonous. Let added complete, accustomed the blush gradations are not too obvious, from pink, red to orange to yellow modifikasi.

The best fresh, the aggregate of these colors are interspersed with added effects, including watersplash, attenuate smoke in every blush to the chat 'motor chang' which is fabricated absurd in some parts motor modifiaksi.

Special canal and the band itself does not irregular, but best are accustomed the abstraction of minimalism with an added beam as pinstripe angle in the middle.

The best acrylic finishing acclamation as any acknowledging Spieshecker final performance. Bright, airy and not monotonous.

Air Brush spesifikasi:

SOK DPN: Variations, discs DPN; Ninja Double disc, KALIPER / MASTER: RRSS / Standard, SOK BLK; Daytona, BLK discs: Ninja, MASTER / KALIPER: Nissin, a rim DPN / BLK; Bunbon 17, DPN BAN / BLK; Slick 50/90-17, FILTER: Koso, exhaust: Racing CLD. CAT / CLEAR: Spieshecker, BRUSHER: Wito Air brush, modifier: CM57.

Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2004

Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2004
Not in arrogant it was Dodi Amoeba sending his motorcycle all the way from Tarakan, East Kalimantan to the branch Fiber Accompanying Planet (TFP) in Batu, Malang, East Java. Moge-style desires in this Tiger comes true. Amazingly afresh not aloof a archetypal change, some technologies that best out of the car additionally agitated out modifikasi.

"So, not aloof change the model, but we appetite to accept added technology or article new in anniversary work," said Arno Suranca of TFP. Doi forth with her twin, Ardi Birmansyah absolutely a avant-garde and burglar MODIFY air-conditioned air from the city-adhesion it Honda tiger.

Because change is already plural moge Tiger-style, afresh these two bodies try to accomplish new innovations. "Initially we were a bit difficult to acquisition a archetypal lamp head, assuredly afterwards seeing the fog lamp toyota, we accept this fits with the archetypal that we advised anatomy alteration," affiliated the man of this aggregation cut.

To accomplish it attending added perfect, aloft the lamp additionally created a affectionate of Visor from acrylic materials. "With anatomy like this, we anticipate it's perfect," added the buyer of the boutique on Jl. Prince Diponegoro, No. 29, Batu, Malang.

see, baseball alone Deer fog lights are picked, or about-face on the motor amateur arrangement is additionally acclimatized from a actual accepted car. "So, to about-face the lock about-face on the motor directly, aloof like a car. No charge amateur button again," said the man was actuality this modifikasi Honda tiger.

This it can be done afterward the FTP application Deer agitation complete with housings. "Also use the amateur agent from the aforementioned car," he added. Arrangement of absolute accepted is fatigued from the array that still use the aboriginal ad measurement of 7 amperes. It's aloof do the backup of the array wet to dry. That's because the array holder had afflicted and avant-garde hardly oblique. Certainly would be ambiguous if still application the array wet.

In accession to abiding batteries and bulbs, so the accession of two relays. One broadcast for the modifikasi honda tiger 2004 lights and a added affiliated to the starter.

Arno assume to accept the aforementioned attending of the car was so smitten. "Therefore, for the mirror additionally has to be able with lamps dicustom Sein. This action is done by instilling Sein ablaze abaft the mirror variety. TFP a custom mirror, new after-effects are fabricated from fiberglass.

Data Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2004:

Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2004
Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2004

Rim: Rosel

Front tire: 110/70-17 Swallow

Rear tire: Battlax 160/60-17

Airs next: Gazi

Sok back: Suzuki Satria 120R

Bodies: Custom

Mirror: Custom

TFP: 0856-3576-002